001-times square

002-more times square

005-rockefeller center xmas tree

006-dors of new york-rockefeller center

007-doors of new york

008-rockfeller center

009-steffie at rockfeller center

010-st patrick's cathedral

012-cartier crystal panther

013-central park rink

014-central park horsie

015-central park rink

017-markus on park ave

018-nyc shows 2004

019-cool music hangout

020-sunset on 2003

023-mountd police await 2004

024-42nd street cleared for new years eve

025-billboards on 42nd

026-tims square ball ready to drop

027-happy new year

028-steffie just after midnight

029-markus just after midnight

030-police patrol after midnight

JAlbum 4.0.6