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Markus's Herrenreise 2008
Markus and the boys' annual trip to Italy

Markus Does Duathlon
As preparation for future Triathlons, Markus entered the Toronto Island Duathlon on August 18th.

Visit to Saterland 2006
...including the family Van Kempen, Oma's 85th birthday, a flat tire and a cauliflower.
Cannes Film festival 2006
Steffie went to "work" with Bea at the Cannes Film festval. It was a tough gig but someone had to do it!

"Herrenreise 2006"
the 10th anniversary of the "Herrenreise". This time the boys went to Lipari the Aeolian islands just of Sicily. Read about the Lipari island and view picture of the trip.

Markus is filming a snowbaord race ;)

2006 - Switzerland
Our neighbourhood in switzerland
See some of our local sites including views, shopping, and housing! Oh.. and cheese.
"Geneva 2006"
Stephanie's excursions to Geneva

More Switzerland
From Spring to winter, from valley to Alps, see mor eof Switzerland with stephanie and markus

In Switzerland
Markus is on a work assignment in Lausanne. Watch for frequent updates, starting with these shots of Lausanne and the area
Carnival on the Bodensee
Our friend Bea guided us through the carnival experience in Ueberlingen, on Lake Constance, Germany. It was a weekend of tradition, fun, and a lot of alcohol.

Snowbording in Switzerland
Markus arrived in Switzerland/Lausanne and hits the slopes

Vegas and LA
Stephanie went with Markus to a conference in Las Vegas. Then they drove across the desert to LA for the Jon Brion show. Yeah, really... but it was Stephanie's birthday.

Canada 2005-2006

Snowboarding 2006
Even brutal head colds cant stop Stephanie and Markus from hitting the slopes. Check in for daily updates!

Christmas 2005
See photos of Stephanie, Markus, Pat, Jack, Doris and more!

In the 2005 Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Markus wowed his fans by trouncing his own previous marathon record by one hour. He flew in at 3:58:21, besting his own previous record of 4:57.

Annual Boys' trip to Italy
Markus meets up with the other techno-geniuses to tour the restaurants and distilleries of Duino, Italy

August 2005

Cape Breton August 2005
Stephanie makes her annual pilgrimage to Cape Breton. See the sights and the folks she visited.
June 2005 Making Pasta!
Markus, Stephanie and Emmett try their hands at making Pasta from scratch

December 2004 Stephanie sings in LA
Stephanie went to L.A. for a week as part of the choir, "La Chapelle de Quebec" to sing Messiah with the L.A. Philharmonic! Check out some shots from the trip

September 2004 Visit to Newfoundland
The Rock -- we visit Francesca and Lionel and celebrate a few birthdays, St. John's style.

March 2004 Whirlwind trip to London!
Shots of our three days in London... Yes, that's London ENGLAND.

January 1, 2004 New Year, New York
Markus and Stephanie hit the Big Apple.

Fall 2003 Our spot in Cape Breton!
See the photos here of where we lived October 2003-feb 2004

Flash Back to 1993
Memories of 129 Collier Street Warning: Bad Fashion alert!

Markus 34 Birthday party >click here

Francesca and Lionel visit us in Cape Breton 2003

Cape Breton August 2003 >click here

Chicago Whirlwind March 14-16 2003 >click here

Weekend in Banff February 2003>click here

Christmas & New Year trip in Germany and Austria dec 2002-Jan 2003
Weihnachten & Neu Jahrsreise durch Deutschland und Oestereich
> Klick hier/Click here

Markus runs the NYC marathon
See our hero take on the 5 boroughs.
see a short Video clip here!!
Marathon in New York
Markus ist ein helden! Fotos von NYC marathon
Schau die kurze Video!!
Weekend trip to relive some of the moments, on our 5th anniversary.
(Some photos taken on a weekend trip in August)
5th Hochzeit
Kurz wochenende in San Francisco
LA 2007
Markus and Stephanie enjoy some October beach Culture in LA
Los Angeles, wieder
Markus und steffi leben (und lieben) "StrandKultur" in Oktober

Markus hat ein Duathlon Gemacht, August 18th 2007.
Stephanie's Vespa!
Stephanie on her silver steed , as a long-time dream comes true
Steffi hat endlich ein kleine Vespa scooter. Schau der silber Pferde ;)
Markus's Herrenreise!
See pricture of Markus boys anual boys trip to Italy
Bilder von der jaehrlich Herrenreise nach Italien
Return to the Rockies
Back to the paradise that is Banff national Park for snowboarding and meeting up with friends
Zurueck zu den Rockies!
Wir sind zum snowbaording in the Rocki Montains gefahren nach Banff und Lake louis