Markus and Steffi go to Rome
by way of Munich, beer and Schweinshaxe at Andechs! Andechs!
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Markus and Steffi in Roma
nach wir haben Schweinshaxe gegessen in Andechs
Rain, cheese, and a killer hike in Charlevoix
Labour Day weekend, 2010

Charlevoix, Quebec
Wandern in Franzoezischen region

Team 40 hikes in Jasper and Yoho!
To celebrate Markus' 40th birthday, Stephanie and Markus take on some
challenging hikes, Bighorn Sheep, chubby Marmots, and seriously
spartan accommodation
Markus' 40th Geburtstag
Wandern in die Kanadischen Rockies
Markus and Robert take on the 1/2 IronMan in Switzerland,
by the shores of (and in) the lovely Zurichsee

1/2 IronMan race in Rapperswill, CH
Markus und Robert sind helden!
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